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Experiencing reboots and a blue screen

We wanted to let you know about a technical problem that has arisen following the billing integration between Chambers Cable and BendBroadband. This only affects those customers in the Sunriver area who have a digital set-top box. If you have a digital set top box, it may reboot, which will result in a blue screen… Continue Reading

Conversion of Sunriver customer accounts to the BendBroadband billing system is complete!

Early on the morning of October 24th, BendBroadband converted all Sunriver customer accounts into our BendBroadband billing and operational systems. We thank Chambers Cable for their help with billing over the past three months. As part of this conversion cable TV equipment located at our Sunriver headend facility was upgraded and set top box firmware… Continue Reading

Pac-12 Touchdown!

You asked for it. We heard you loud and clear. The Pac-12 Network is here! We heard many shouts of joy after we added all 7 channels of the Pac-12 network to our offerings. We are just as excited as you to have reached an agreement with the Pac-12 Network. We have a few updates… Continue Reading

Olympics Wrap-up

Now that Olympics are over, we can reflect back on the technology we used to deliver the games. Customers had the option of three platforms for Olympic Viewing: online, on Demand and on nine channels. We even offered the Olympics 3D channel so subscribers with 3D TVs could strap on their goggles and watch linear… Continue Reading