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Our suggestions on what to watch each week. Do you agree? Did we miss something? Post a comment and let us know what you want to watch.

Seattle Seahawks kick off tonight

Defending oh-man-they-were-thiiiiiis-close-to-being Super Bowl champions (and, it should be noted, Super Bowl XLVIII champions) the Seattle Seahawks kick off their 2015-16 season tonight with a preseason game against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos at CenturyLink Field in Seattle. Here are the details: Game time: 7 p.m. Channel: FOX, channels 10 and 610 (HD) for BendBroadband… Continue Reading

Introducing CO4

We all know about the bounty of recreational and cultural opportunities in Central Oregon. But that doesn’t stop us from asking our local support system for suggestions of things to do when friends and family come to visit from outside the area. It’s funny, when you live here, all that stuff just becomes part of… Continue Reading

This weekend: Free preview of HBO and Cinemax

The highly anticipated second season of HBO’s neo-noir drama “True Detective” premieres Sunday at 9 p.m., and all BendBroadband customers will be able to watch it thanks to a four-day free preview of HBO and Cinemax that begins Friday and runs through Monday. The preview includes not only the main HBO and Cinemax channels, but… Continue Reading

Introducing: Escape With TV

Introducing: Escape With TV

Today, BendBroadband is launching Escape With TV, a multi-faceted and months-long promotional campaign that revolves around the impact television has on our lives and the emotional connection many people feel with the medium. The centerpiece of the campaign is a series of new commercials that bring to life the immersive experience of getting caught up in a… Continue Reading

A&E, History and more moving to West Coast feeds

Effective today, the following channels are moving to their West Coast feeds within BendBroadband’s coverage area: A&E HD (channel 730) History Channel HD (755) Lifetime Movies SD and HD (120 and 720) FYI Network SD and HD (71 and 671) H2 SD (163) For Central Oregon viewers, this means programming will shift three hours earlier,… Continue Reading

Introducing Mittens, the Alpha cat

This is Mittens. At first glance, Mittens appears to be a sweet, friendly kitty, ideal for an evening of lap-warming and TV-watching. But look more closely at Mittens’ eyes. Mittens is a mischievous cat. A cat who cares not one bit about your well-laid DVR plans. And Mittens is fickle — he is a cat, after… Continue Reading

Our new Alpha commercial

We’ve got a new commercial hitting local airwaves this week. It’s for Alpha, our in-home entertainment solution that allows you to record up to six shows at once and watch them on any TV in your house. And it involves a cat. (The commercial, not Alpha.) Keep an eye out for it! Continue Reading

Broadcast TV Not So Free After All

Broadcast TV Not So Free After All

In a recent column in the Bend Bulletin, Bob Singer, the general manager of KTVZ, wrote that the “retransmission consent” fees his station charges cable and satellite providers enable his station to provide “free” local programming and news.  Broadcast TV is in fact not “free” for the 90% of Americans who rely on cable and… Continue Reading