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Tips for donors to avoid scam calls, crowdfunding sites

Hurricane season officially kicks off June 1, which means hurricanes, tornados, fires, and other natural disasters will be in the news. While it’s heartbreaking to see people lose their homes and businesses, it’s more appalling when scammers exploit such tragedies to appeal to your sense of generosity.

The FTC shared some tips for making sure your donation goes to a legitimate organization or project that will have the most impact.

1. Research the organization. Search online for the name of the organization or project, plus the word “complaint” or “scam.” Read what others say the about it. And watchdogs like BBB Wise Giving Alliance and Charity Navigator can also help your research. Do your homework before donating to any organization.

3. In the wake of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, be aware that donations to foreign organizations generally are not tax deductible. If tax deductions are important to you, make sure the group is established in the U.S. Check the IRS’s Tax Exempt Organization Search to see if your donation would be tax deductible. Remember that donations to individuals, like in crowdfunding sites, are not tax deductible.

Read here for more tips to avoid charity scams, particularly on crowdfunding sites.

Summer Tech Gadgets for the Outdoors

Summer Tech Gadgets for the Outdoors

With summer just around the corner, here are the latest outdoor gadgets. From a portable camp stove, to mosquito repellant soap, to what’s new in hammocks, here are some ideas for those who can’t wait to get outdoors. Portable Fire Pit Camp Stove: Enjoy the great outdoors with the Portable Fire Pit Camp Stove.  This… Continue Reading

Channel updates in Madras, La Pine, CRR, Prineville, Culver and Metolius

Customers in Madras, LaPine, Crooked River Ranch, Prineville, Culver, and Metolius take note: On May 15, our customer notification channel will move from Channel 4 to Channel 1. In addition, the Central Oregon Visitor’s network (CO4) will move from Channel 21/121 (HD) to Channel 4/104 (HD). The Central Oregon Visitor’s Network is for people vacationing… Continue Reading

Central Oregon Daily News Receives 6 Emmy Nominations

Known for their unique way of telling news through “Storytelling of all That Matters to Central Oregonians,” Central Oregon Daily News received six Emmy nominations for their news programming featuring the leadership of news and sports reporter, Eric Lindstrom. The nominations come from the Northwest chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.The… Continue Reading

Personalized email scams on the rise

Personalized email scams on the rise

Gone are the days when we only needed to be wary of generic emails from unknown senders. As consumers and employees get cyber-savvy, criminals up their game by adding a personal touch to email and phone scams. Scammers are now doing more background research, getting to know more about email addresses, and working to establish… Continue Reading