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Sun outages expected Oct. 4-13

Dear BendBroadband customers,

Each spring and fall, TV service for TDS customers experience a technical phenomenon called “sun outages.” This fall, the solar satellite interference are expected from Oct. 4-13.

Solar interference happens when the sun’s path across the sky gets lower each day. During the spring and fall for about two weeks, the sun is directly behind the line of sight between an Earth station and a satellite that is sending signals to a receiving satellite antenna here on earth. When the antenna is looking into the sun, the interference from the sun overrides the signals from the satellite. The sun causes “solar interference” to all geostationary satellite signals. It generally happens from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

At first, the effects of a sun outage are minimal. But they will gradually worsen to the point of total outage. Some channels will experience “macro-blocking” or “tiling” of the picture before and after peak times. These are the channels we receive digitally from the satellite.

Sun outages typically last as long as 15 minutes a day. The effects of a sun outage vary in degree from minimal to total outage throughout the nine days. Once it reaches its peak, the interference will gradually decrease, becoming less noticeable each day after.

Unfortunately, there is technically nothing BendBroadband can do to prevent sun outages from occurring. Each satellite service that we receive signals from will experience this interference in the time frame mentioned above.

Spring sun outages may impact your TV

Twice a year, all television customers (not just BendBroadband TV customers) may experience some degree of television interference due to sun outages. This spring, the solar satellite interference is expected from about Feb. 25 until March 12. Sun outages happen due to solar interference. For a few weeks every spring and fall, the sun is… Continue Reading

Sunriver network upgrade complete

Sunriver network upgrade complete

The network upgrade in Sunriver is complete. Your service should return automatically. If it doesn’t, restart your modem. Most of the time that will resolve issues so you don’t have to contact tech support. However, if you continue to have issues after restarting, call our tech support reps at 1-541-803-8090. UPGRADE NOTICE: During the early… Continue Reading

BendBroadband service, network upgrades

The first of several network upgrades was completed in the BendBroadband service area on March 21. The scheduled upgrade in the communities of Bend, Redmond and Terrebonne improved capacity of the network for 13,000 BendBroadband customers. These upgrades took place during the standard maintenance window of midnight to 6 a.m. Everything is done to make… Continue Reading

Kids spend how much time online?

How much time do you think your kids spend using media everyday—Three hours? Five hours? Try NINE. According to some recent research, no joke, kids ages 8-18 spend about nine hours using media on any given day (more than they might sleep!). That includes watching TV, videos, movies, playing video games, listening to music and… Continue Reading

Be careful what you type: scams (and malware) lurk in misspellings

Be careful what you type: scams (and malware) lurk in misspellings

We all make typing mistakes, but due to a new type of scam, your fat fingers could cost you—big time. It’s called typosquatting—creating a website that has a domain name that’s very similar to a legitimate, popular website, but takes advantage of common misspellings or accidental keystrokes. Examples recently discussed in the media include “,”… Continue Reading

Don’t fall for scareware

Don’t fall for scareware

Our Remote PC Support team has been fielding lots of calls from customers asking about what’s known as “scareware.” Designed to scare you into action, these real-looking popup windows “warn” you about security vulnerabilities and urge you to call a 1-800 number for help. The thing is, it’s a scam—these popups are NOT from BendBroadband.… Continue Reading

Website maintenance this weekend

Website maintenance this weekend

Starting at 5 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 9, the BendBroadband website will be down for server maintenance. Customers can still access their BendBroadband email accounts through Click on the “Email Manager” tab in the top-right corner to log in. And viewers looking to watch programming through BendBroadband’s TV Everywhere service can go here. During this maintenance period, which… Continue Reading