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8 New Health Tech Gadgets to Get Your Hands on in 2022

Want to make good on your New Year’s resolutions? Whether already released or soon to be, keep a look out for all these new health tech gadgets in 2022.


The HAPIfork is an electronic fork that will monitor and track your eating habits to aid in eating slower. With gentle vibrations to alert you when eating too fast, this little device can help you improve digestion, lose weight, and combat gastric reflux.


This smart trash can device keeps up with your shopping list so that you don’t have to. Simply download the app, attach to your trashcan, and the GeniCan will scan each item you throw away similarly to a barcode reader at the supermarket and upload to the app on your phone. Never forget what you’re out of again, and better yet, keep track of what you’re eating the most.

Cornerstone Touchless Video Doorbell

With this touchless video doorbell from Cornerstone, your family will be safer than ever. Built with your health in mind, there is no need to touch to ring the doorbell. Using AI technology for human detection, this hands-free device protects you and your loved ones from millions of germs.

First-space age alloy tire for consumers

Using NASA technology, this is the first ever, space-age METL™ bike tire made from Shape Memory Alloy Radial Technology. This airless, elastic, and light weight bike tire will last you the lifetime of your bicycle. How cool is that? Although not yet available for purchase, you can join the waiting list!


This suitcase is a sci-fi dream come to life. The Travelmate comes in sizes S-L and is the first truly autonomous suitcase that connects to your smart device and follows you. It can move both vertically and horizontally through crowds using AI technology. When needed, simply take the battery out of it to recharge. This device is great for those unable to pull heavy suitcases around or that just prefer to go hands-free.


What is so special about a mirror you may ask? This mirror is so much more than just a reflection. It is your new personal trainer, yoga studio, and boxing ring. With an LED display, enjoy working out from the comfort of your own home and following along to your favorite workouts.

Ororo Heated Jacket

With the Ororo heated jacket, get up to 10 hours of lasting warmth to help you make it through harsh winters and a three-year warranty guarantee. Along with three heated panels to keep you warm, you can also enjoy a built in USB for charging mobile devices.


Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9750 Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush

Not only does this toothbrush offer you a deep clean with three intensities and five different modes, but also real-time feedback on how well you are brushing and what sections you may be missing- all through a Bluetooth connected app.

Written by Meagan Brown, TDS Telecommunications intern

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