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HBO and Cinemax now 50% off

Don’t miss the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones and explore the new martial-arts drama, Warrior, on Cinemax by subscribing today to both of these great channels for half the price. Check out original series and movies and add both HBO and Cinemax to your BendBroadband TV package and pay half price.

The epic fantasy series Game of Thrones will return for its six-episode, eighth and final season April 14, 2019. Need a refresher course on seasons 1-7 and its 67 episodes, HBO is the place to catch up on the characters that sacrificed for the Iron Throne.

Don’t miss these amazing series on HBO including:

  • True Detective now in its third season
  • Veep which stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  • Barry, which stars Bill Hader and Henry Winkler in the Emmy-winning comedy about a hitman who attempts to reinvent himself as an actor in Los Angeles.

Featured movies on HBO now include: Deadpool 2, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, and Uncle Drew.

Pay just $9.99 a month for HBO for an entire year. Order today by calling 1-541-668-6246. Offer ends April 21.

What’s hot on Cinemax
Inspired by Bruce Lee’s writings, Warrior explores the new martial-arts drama set in 19th century San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Strike Back returns in 2019 with a storyline filled with more adrenalized action and heart-pounding suspense than ever before. Follow the actions of Section 20, a secretive unit of British military intelligence. A team of special operations personnel conduct several high risk missions across the globe.

Pay just $7.50 a month for Cinemax for an entire year. Order today by calling 1-541-668-6246. Offer ends April 21.

HBO/Cinemax half-price offer ends 4/21/19: Valid for new subscriptions only. After 12 months, current rates apply. HD premium channels require HD capable equipment. Local and state sales tax and other fees and charges may apply. HBO®, Cinemax® and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc. 

Nexstar and BendBroadband remain at an impasse

TDS President and CEO provides third update for customers Some network channels remain dark for more than 50,000 TDS Telecom (TDS®) customers in eight states. Nexstar Media Group, which operates 174 stations reaching 38% of all U.S. households, is preventing TDS/BendBroadband from broadcasting channels such as the CBS station of KOIN in Central Oregon. This… Continue Reading

Say hello to our new commercial

Say hello to our new commercial

A satisfying online experience starts with fast Internet. And fast Internet starts with BendBroadband. That’s the message behind our new TV commercial, now airing throughout Central Oregon. The ad uses a dynamic visual of lights streaking across various landscapes and through city streets to illustrate BendBroadband’s ultra-fast Internet service, available with speeds up to 600Mbps.… Continue Reading

5 winter weekend getaways in Oregon

While the warm, summer months dominate the travel and tourism department, colder temperatures still have a lot to offer. Don’t let winter weather keep you indoors and at home. Here are five perfect winter weekend getaways to consider this year. 1. Looking for some fresh powder? Get your skiing or snowboarding fix at Mt. Bachelor… Continue Reading

FTC alert: Social Security numbers can’t be suspended

FTC alert: Social Security numbers can’t be suspended

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning of a new variation on government imposter scam—this time claiming your Social Security Number has been suspended. A caller claims to be protecting you from a scam, all the while actually trying to lure you into one. The scam A professional-sounding caller informs you that your Social Security… Continue Reading

Mindfulness Meditation can improve every aspect of your life

Mindfulness Meditation can improve every aspect of your life

What is mindfulness meditation anyway? If you haven’t been exposed to the concept or the buzz surrounding it, you might be a little confused as to how this relates to wellness. “Mindfulness is the awareness that arises from paying attention, in a particular way on-purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally,” said Jon Kabat-Zinn, the father… Continue Reading

How to boost your home Wi-Fi signal

Ever wonder why you experience faster Internet speeds on your tablet in the living room, but a short walk into the kitchen means slower speeds?  Many people blame their Internet connection when in reality it’s probably your Wi-Fi. Here are some tips for boosting your home Wi-Fi. The location of your gateway is one factor… Continue Reading

Sun outages expected from Oct. 5-13

Dear BendBroadband customers, Each spring and fall, TV service for TDS customers experience a technical phenomenon called “sun outages.” This fall, the solar satellite interference are expected from Oct. 5-13. Solar interference happens when the sun’s path across the sky gets lower each day. During the spring and fall for about two weeks, the sun… Continue Reading