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Say hello to our new commercial

Say hello to our new commercial

A satisfying online experience starts with fast Internet. And fast Internet starts with BendBroadband.

That’s the message behind our new TV commercial, now airing throughout Central Oregon.

The ad uses a dynamic visual of lights streaking across various landscapes and through city streets to illustrate BendBroadband’s ultra-fast Internet service, available with speeds up to 600Mbps. Watch it on our YouTube channel.

The lights end up in local homes and businesses, where Internet speeds directly affect our day-to-day lives through tablets, phones, computers, watches, TVs and other devices. According to comScore, the average home with Internet in the United States now has 8.5 devices connected to the Internet.

Much like traffic on a highway, multiple users and devices connected at once can create congestion and impact your online experience. Some of the biggest bandwidth hogs include streaming HD and 4K video, gaming, video chatting and uploading/downloading large files. Without enough bandwidth, videos buffer, games lag and chats get choppy.

That’s why BendBroadband has raised the bar for high-speed Internet in Central Oregon. We’ve increased our starting Internet speed to 100Mbps, and our top speed clocks in at 600Mbps.

We’re faster than ever before, and that’s not only a reflection of our commitment to providing top-notch service, it’s also evidence of our continuing commitment to Central Oregon. We’ve been here since 1955. We employ nearly 300 local people. We support dozens of local organizations and events. And we’re proud of it!

We’re proud of this new commercial, too, so here it is one more time:

In the coming months, an array of billboards, print ads and other media will appear throughout the region, all echoing the visual feel of the spot and the message that, in Central Oregon, fast Internet starts here at BendBroadband. Learn more about our Internet service here.

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