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Passionate people making a difference: Origin Story

Creating affordable and beautiful artwork for businesses, coffee, music, and more are a few of the themes that are broadcast every Monday at 5 p.m. on Central Oregon Daily on KBNZ-CBS and Tuesdays on Central Oregon Daily Afternoon Edition on KOHD-ABC.

The series is called Origin Story and introduces us each week to a passionate person who is making their dreams come true in Central Oregon. The series started in January and is sponsored by BendBroadband Business.

Allison Roecker is the Central Oregon Daily reporter and producer for Origin Story. Every week Allison talks with a Central Oregonian to share their story of how they achieved success in their work, while videographer and editor, Cody Rheault, shoots and edits each piece.

Allison and Cody recently introduced us to Central Oregonian Bree Denman, a wedding planner who specializes in originality. “For many couples, their wedding day is special, but making it specific to them can sometimes be challenging. Bree’s creativity and passion creates the perfect backdrop for any ceremony.” Click here to view the series segment about Bree or to learn more about her wedding planning skills check out her website at

BendBroadband’s Courtney Underhill, associate manager of Field Marketing, said BendBroadband Business was excited to sponsor this local Central Oregon segment. “We are always in awe of the creativity, talent and drive that comes from our community,” said Courtney. “That’s why we enjoy supporting local organizations, startups and entrepreneurs.”


Allison says she’s “developed a passion for passionate people and having the opportunity to produce Origin Story has been a dream. Sharing the stories of Central Oregonians who are truly doing what they love brings me joy each week.”

CO Daily thanked BendBroadband in saying, “Thanks to BendBroadband for giving us the time and resources to tell the stories of Central Oregonians who have turned their passion into a profession, with a new edition of Origin Story every Monday on Central Oregon Daily News at Five.”

Nexstar and BendBroadband remain at an impasse

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Say hello to our new commercial

Say hello to our new commercial

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FTC alert: Social Security numbers can’t be suspended

FTC alert: Social Security numbers can’t be suspended

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Mindfulness Meditation can improve every aspect of your life

Mindfulness Meditation can improve every aspect of your life

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How to boost your home Wi-Fi signal

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